Appeal for aid

for Mateusz

Our son is still in coma – He requires 24 hours a day protection. Rehabilitation, massage and supervision of highly skilled medical crew are necessary. We ask for financial support, we strongly believe that our son will regain consciousness and fully recover.

Appeal for aid for Mateusz

Pomóż Mateuszowi At the age of 6, in the result of the accident, our son Mateusz suffered from cranial injury. He is in coma now – does not walk nor speak. The situation has not improved for over two years. Mateusz would like to recover for sure. He would like to go to school, play ball, laugh – just like his peers. We, his parents, dream of it every single day.
Mateusz was a cheerful, extremely energetic child. He wanted to go to school and start learning, he had his own dreams. On 26th of May 2006, on the day of the accident, he faced an obstacle difficult to overcome. During the first few days, We constantly rebelled against God’s will. Who was going to win? God or modern medicine and Mateusz’s will to survive? Now, Mateusz is at home, together with us. We do our best to take care of him. We show a lot of affection and love to him, we do not stop speaking to him, we treat him as a normal, eight years old child. Mateusz opens his eyes, smiles. We know, that He hears us.
Our son has great strength and fighting spirit, He uses it to get well. Both We and Mateusz fight together, do not surrender and enjoy every moment. There are harsh days however, especially when Mateusz suffers from an infection or cold.
As we strongly believe that our son can fully recover, we ask all medical teams and institutions from Poland and abroad to give us advices on how to improve Mateusz’s health.
We also ask all institution, companies and people of good will for financial aid.


Mobile: (+48) 535 81 60 06

Dad mobile: (+48) 535 81 60 06
Mom mobile:(+48) 511 64 54 22
Gadu-Gadu: 37988922 gadu gadu
Skype: pawel.sitarski Skype


We express utmost gratitude to Intensive Childcare Unit of Clinical Hospital in Lublin for saving our son’s life. Thanks to their watchful eye and innovative treatment methods, our son is still with us.

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