Appeal for aid

for Mateusz

Our son is still in coma – He requires 24 hours a day protection. Rehabilitation, massage and supervision of highly skilled medical crew are necessary. We ask for financial support, we strongly believe that our son will regain consciousness and fully recover.

Contact data

Mateusz, Paweł i Anna Sitarscy
Jaworznia Zagórze 38a 26-065 Piekoszów, POLAND
In order to ensure Mateusz medical care, rehabilitation and access to specialists, we had to leave our hometown – Dubieńka and move to a rented flat in Kielce.

Should You have Any questions, contact us – we will be happy to answer them – You will find phone numbers and other contact data on the right



przepisz kod z obrazka


Mobile: (+48) 535 81 60 06

Dad mobile: (+48) 535 81 60 06
Mom mobile:(+48) 511 64 54 22
Gadu-Gadu: 37988922 gadu gadu
Skype: pawel.sitarski Skype


We express utmost gratitude to Intensive Childcare Unit of Clinical Hospital in Lublin for saving our son’s life. Thanks to their watchful eye and innovative treatment methods, our son is still with us.

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Account numbers in Kredyt Bank S.A. For domestic settlements: 54 1500 1373 1013 7019 5366 0000 | For cross – border settlements: PL 54 1500 1373 1013 7019 5366 0000 KRDBPLPW

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